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Important infos for the digital world of 3DS Max

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I'm working with a Medion Akoya P5320-E. It has 16 GB Ram and a 2,7-3,0 GHz Processor. With those settings you'll get clean smooth running software. The newest version of 3DS Max is 3DS Max 2017. For creating VFX I'm using Adobe After Effects and for websites I use the newest version of Adobe Dreamweaver. Pretty good software by the way.

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About CG-Graphics

With CGI you can put every object which has matter on the screen. From cars to houses and buildings you can show this with 3d Models. Maybe you've already seen those CG Models in Hollywood Movies for example ,,The Avengers". With these things you can build an emotionally spatial design. No matter what. It also concerns VFX.

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Let's move on to the software. If you're under 18 and you're still in school you can take the decision of getting 3DS Max or any kind of free-software versions from Autodesk as student version for free. So for all ungrown ups I would definitely advise you to get this version. In Max Student you're able to do everything what you can do in the full version too. Exept for comercial use!